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    Hi there,

    This is my first post, I have been near driven to madness by this problem so im admitting defeat and opening it up to all and everyone.

    Very quick history - I have weak signal on the top floor of my house, so i purchased a TP LINK WR702N mini router. I have set this up as a wireless repeater on the top floor, and for the majority of my devices it works great. On my sisters windows laptop, my girlfriends iPhone and iPad, they all see the network, connect with full strength and receive 54Mbps. On all of these devices, I can enter and reach the repeaters settings page, or enter and reach my main router (downstairs) settings page. This suggests to me that everything works fine.

    When i connect with an android device (either my Nexus 10 or my samsung galaxy S2) the moment they pick up the strong repeater signal - they lose internet connection. The are connected with 100% and 54Mbps speed to the repeater - but they cannot access the web. I can bring up for the repeater, but they will not access for the main router - I believe this is the problem.

    I have tried changing the settings on my main router - I have changed the whole network from WPA to WEP encryption, to no avail
    I have changed the android advanced wifi settings, changing to fixed IP on both of the android devices and setting the default gateway and DNS to be
    I turned off my devices, reset the main router, then turned on the repeater - this appeared to fix the problem - but when i turned the repeater on last night I couldnt get internet access, so i retried this step and it didnt work

    as a note, all of the devices on my network have a fixed IP set from my main router - these correspond to the fixed IPs on my android devices.
    I have spoke to Google and TP Link supprt, each blame the other, and now I really dont know what to do.

    02-06-2013 04:56 AM
  2. joeyjoejoe206's Avatar
    02-19-2013 04:17 AM

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