1. PhillipL's Avatar
    title should read external AD switch

    market enabler was working fine on my device as was editing build. prop to spoof a different phone. but, after running a script to swap my internal and external memory neither no longer works.
    even though my phone says it's switched markets and the model is different the play store doesn't recognize these changes and only shows the default.

    I first tried wiping the data for the store, clearing the cache, reinstalling the store, but no changes...

    I then tried restoring to before the backup which removed the script, but my play store is still messed up. I even did a factory reset but nothing seems to help. any ideas on what to try next? my use for an android drops dramatically if I can't access the Japanese play store...D=
    02-08-2013 07:04 PM
  2. PhillipL's Avatar
    Guess my phone was changing SD to AD. I meant external SD switch.

    Anyone have any advice?
    02-10-2013 10:45 AM

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