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    Basically my laptop is mediocre and refuses to connect to my schools wifi. My Nexus 4 does connect to my schools wifi.

    I tethered a data connection from my N4 to my laptop and it works fine but it sucks a lot of data. Is there a way I can tether WiFi (not mobile data) to my laptop from my N4?

    I try and use the built-in tether but it forces itself onto my data plan in order to tether, I want to stay on my wifi.
    02-19-2013 01:47 PM
  2. Ashish_Bequench's Avatar
    A Simple Guide On How You Can Use Your Android Device as Wifi Repeater Without Root...
    bequench. com/how-to/android-device-as-wifi-repeater/98/
    ....Help Others If I helped You Thankyou
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    10-31-2014 09:08 AM

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