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    How to stream video to multiple Android tablets from one central PC
    I am trying to implement in my retail store a way to stream many different videos ( mostly Product promotion and 'How to' content ) to many different Android Tablet devices.

    Ideally there would be a UI front end on a PC that would control all streaming and timing of delivery of all the content, that could be manipulated and allow real time control of everything. The tablet devices would be mounted and hard wired for power, but I would like to disable the ability to control them locally ( perhaps with a password as you would see content streaming on a laptop at Best Buy, and not be able to change anything ).

    All devices would show a predetermined 'set' of videos ( relative to the product they are located adjacent to ) but different sets of videos for each device. Some videos would be shown on all devices ( promotions, company propaganda etc ) and I'd like to be able to control from one location ( PC on the wireless network to start......ulitmately cloud based content accessed by many different stores, each with a PC and a number of android tablet devices )?

    All devices would obviously be on a local wireless network, with a PC calling the shots as it where and being able to quickly change up what is being viewed in each location or to quickly add content to all devices.

    My questions are.....

    (1) Does the Android OS allow for this type of remote control as it where?
    (2) Is there anything out there as far as Android apps that is even close to what I'm trying to do?
    (3) I have a little bit of Java/HTML/XML experience and have been dying for a reason to try to author an app either for Android or iOS devices, is this something thats possible?

    Thank you in advance for taking any time to have a look at my query and for any insight you might be able to provide for me.

    02-19-2013 03:29 PM

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