1. michichis's Avatar
    I currently have an individual Verizon plan with 450 minutes, unlimited data and unlimited hotspot. I would like to keep the unlimited hotspot and move it from my phone to a jetpack. I've tried searching for answers, but wanted to see if anyone knew of a way to do it.
    02-20-2013 12:38 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    I've never tried, but I doubt you could do it. Pretty sure the plan wouldn't transfer to begin with because you're going to a different type of device. They would also probably make you pay for the hotspot even if you got the plan to transfer if I understand the. FCC agreement right.
    02-20-2013 02:59 AM
  3. Daniel Covey's Avatar
    You cannot because the data follows the line not the device, which is how you can keep unlimited data by adding your own phone to your plan as opposed to upgrading. If you do not already have a mobile hotspot with unlimited data on Verizon, then unfortunately for right now it is impossible.
    02-20-2013 06:28 PM
  4. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Technically the hotspot does have a line since it's using the cell towers. Heck, my Pantec USB air card has one and even receives texts.
    02-20-2013 10:25 PM
  5. michichis's Avatar
    Thanks to everybody who responded. I guess now i know for sure.
    02-21-2013 01:05 AM

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