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    I'm actually running an offbrand 7" netbook with Android operating system. system is 4.2 I believe. 1 Gig RAM 4 gigs storage.

    thing works pretty damn well, but as with much of android territory including both android phones I own, file and task management is WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't count those, so you could add a few more.

    A great spare operating system is really crippled by not being able to do things like quit applications or widgets clogging up RAM

    and none of the applications or widgets seem able to map readily to content on the USB flash drive that one must have to supplement the modest onboard storage.

    In particular I'm trying to get an mp3 player for android that can be told that its playlist is on the USB flashdrive.

    I currently have a native player to this offbrand "Wolvol" platform -- "my music" which can play mp3s off the flashdrive but only one at a time and you have to go to them in the file explorer utility and select the song and then it asks what app you want to use. it knows it is and mp3 and offers "my music". Then it plays 1 song and you are back where you started.

    I tried Amazon Cloud Player and it works fine with the internal storage. If I wanted to clog the storage I could download my music off the cloud. But I can't find anyway to tell the cloud player to download to my USB flashdrive. and if I browse through file explorer to the song on the USB flash and then chose the cloud player to open with, it still won't play the song.

    I can't find a 'settings' for the cloud player that has anything like this.

    meanwhile I tried another file management widget, anttek explorer, that had gotten high marks since this seems to be a file management issue as much as anything and it has its own mp3 player so I figured it ought to kick butt.

    no dice. I can go to the songs. It knows they are mp3s. but when I select the anttek player it opens, displays the song and a progress bar, but will not play.

    so I'm open as to how to use any of the mp3 players I have to play playlists off the USB storage or pointers to any other android player that may have solved this problem. I'm going somewhere without much wifi or digital data service so I need the music in storage, not the cloud. otherwise i'd just play cloud player or pandora.


    02-25-2013 08:29 AM

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