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    Please help if you can. Its driving me crazy.

    ***Here is the back story feel free to skip it:***

    I have an S2LTE in Japan on Docomo. This device has two kinds of phone book. "Contacts" (which is the standard android one) and "Phonebook", which is a Docomo app. Now Docomo have done some wonderful things, their network and speed is fantastic, but they are NOT good at writing apps. I previously had a lot of problems with the Phonebook app, as it used a lot of my battery (20percent!). Of course it was un-removable and un-stoppable. Even the phone vendor basically shrugged her sholders and gave me a very Japanese "It cant be helped".

    Just as an experiment I factory reset my phone and I have found so far that if I avoid opening the Phonebook app at all (in other words I have never opened it to accept the T and C, since reset) it doesnt have any impact whatsoever on my battery. This means that I have to choose my defaults with care as one slip of the finger could relaunch the horrible phonebook app. This has been fin in all areas except one where I cannot for the life of me find a way to change the default.....

    ***The question***

    In Gmail when I read a mail, the senders information contains a small box on the left, containing either their picture, if I have it in contacts, or the droid, if I dont.

    If I touch this box I can get options to call, mail or add to contacts, the person in question. This box only gives me the option to save/edit/call via the Docomo app "Phonebook", but I would like it to save etc to the standard "Contacts" app.

    I am no expert on android, but I am no moron either, and I cant seem to find an option to change it.

    Clearing cache or stopping the Phonebook app does nothing. It is non removable and I have heard that Japanese phones are particularly sensitive to rooting. (in fact i found a forum where someone did root and removed the Phonebook app and the phone bricked).

    It is the latest updated version of Gmail, and I am running ICS on a galaxy S2LTE (wonderful phone)

    Thanks if you can help.

    03-26-2013 11:04 PM

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