1. Hadi Sami's Avatar
    I just got a HTC One SV but i'm not sure how to add music from my computer. I plugged it into my computer, but in 'my computer' my phone isn't showing up so how am i meant to drag and drop?? And i don't want to have to buy music off the google play store off my phone..
    05-06-2013 04:54 PM
  2. charkzilla20's Avatar
    Look up on Google "Android File Transfer". It is the software used to put files from your computer on the phone.
    05-06-2013 05:01 PM
  3. Hadi Sami's Avatar
    thanks, i've installed it, but what do i open it with?
    05-06-2013 05:05 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    When you plug your phone into your computer, you will usually have a few options for how you want the phone to connect. After you have connected your phone using your USB cable, there should be some kind of USB connection icon in your Notification bar. If you swipe down and tap that icon, you should get some options on how to connect. You'll want to select the one that's labeled either "USB Mass Storage" or "Disk Drive," which will allow your computer to see your phone's storage as another drive. If you're not seeing anything on your computer, the phone might be set to "Charge Only."
    05-06-2013 07:19 PM
  5. Hadi Sami's Avatar
    Thanks a lot , it works now. One more thing, is there not some sort of itunes for android, that is on my computer? Dragging and dropping music like this seems kinda old-fashioned , and how am i meant to transfer the album artwork?
    05-07-2013 12:42 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I personally find dragging and dropping infinitely more convenient and flexible than iTunes. You just need to keep the same general folder hierarchy to make sure things stay organized in whatever Android media player you're using (i.e., Artist/Album/Song). In order for album art to be displayed properly, you need to make sure it's properly embedded in the music file. There are tons of programs that can do this, but I find that Windows Media Player does a perfectly fine job. You can also do it for music files that are already on your Android device using an app like Album Art Grabber.

    Instead of using iTunes, why not take full advantage of Google Play Music and upload your entire music library to the Google Cloud? Then you can stream it on any Android device or computer browser. If you really want an iTunes replacement, though, consider MediaMonkey.
    05-07-2013 12:55 PM

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