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    My company is giving us iPads and iPhones. I have already taken the iPad and plan on using it but I don't want to give up my Android phone. I was about to upgrade to the HTC One too. The issue is my company will not allow any phone other than iPhone or Blackberry on their company servers to use exchange. So I am looking for advice on syncing my outlook contacts, calendars and email with my android phone. I wish there was a stealth mode of EAS. I can actually connect my phone with our servers but after a couple of days they realize there is an unauthorized device and shut down my link. Then I have to call and reconnect.

    Anyway, are there any others out there with this same problem? Now that gsync is gone what are you doing? Are there any email options other than just forwarding to gmail? Are there any bi-directional options? I have discovered OGGSync and think it may be my best option but its not going to help with email. Thanks for any advice.
    05-10-2013 07:25 AM

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