1. SeeK's Avatar
    Is there anyway of getting the volume rocker to only change media volume at all times? I -really- don't want to change my ringtone volume on the go, it's either on full or the phone is in quiet mode. I'm using Ring Guard right now to prevent unwanted reductions in ringtone volume, but I'd like to change this altogether.
    08-13-2010 03:11 AM
  2. Hugo898699's Avatar
    i second this. i want something that.makes the volume rocker control the media volume 100% of the time. Anything would help. a solution for nonrooted phones please.
    08-11-2011 10:41 PM
  3. netshopinc's Avatar
    Check out the Volume Rocker app in market. You can quickly change volume profiles and set the media volume (and any other volume) to your preference. It's fully customizable and might be what you're looking for. No root required.
    11-15-2011 08:37 PM
  4. netshopinc's Avatar
    11-15-2011 08:38 PM