1. clemson77on's Avatar
    Does anybody know how to avoid duplicates in Google Music playlists? Since signing up for All Access, I've been adding tons of songs. It's real easy to add songs after you've already added them before.
    06-11-2013 03:30 PM
  2. ram130's Avatar
    Did you ever find a solution to this? Anyone? It's really annoying.
    09-15-2013 12:02 AM
  3. John Stock's Avatar
    Bump... any news? I have playlists with dozens of songs duplicated up to 8 times!
    11-17-2013 04:04 PM
  4. smileman's Avatar
    12-13-2013 05:50 PM
  5. kennyszub's Avatar
    Hey guys, this is an old forum post, but I wrote a quick little python script that will delete duplicates from within each playlist.
    Note that it only works if the songs are exact copies - ie. the same file, not just the same metadata.

    Hope it helps someone!

    serraxer likes this.
    06-21-2014 03:19 PM
  6. Adifex's Avatar
    Thanks for the script kennyszub, it works great.
    07-22-2014 07:33 AM
  7. RenoD2010's Avatar
    Spotify warns me which is the only reason I am subscribed to that rather than Google. I'd rather just use Google as my uploaded music is on that server.
    12-03-2014 07:49 PM
  8. kkrai's Avatar
    Could you please help me with how to use this?
    12-27-2014 08:47 PM
  9. tedthetrumpet's Avatar
    Great, thanks for the script, seems to be working…
    01-02-2015 07:58 AM
  10. jlawler4's Avatar
    Can someone help me execute this script in the simplest way possible? No idea about Python.
    serraxer likes this.
    01-05-2015 09:42 AM
  11. serraxer's Avatar
    Need help too.
    11-04-2015 04:53 AM
  12. hausfrau87's Avatar
    I also wrote a script with some hints how to install and run the script: valentinkraft.de/?p=277
    03-18-2016 09:10 AM

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