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    Hey guys so I am facing weird problems. I have searched through the forums either I cant find anything or I am too scared to do any more experiments I really dont want to loose my Razr M XT 907.

    Laggy performance at times
    1. Camera gets stuck when I take pictures at times then I have to restart.
    2. when I reboot my phone it shows AP Fast boot screen, then I have to access boot menu and select the second last option (Console something). It always shows Null:Null and when I change it back the phone reboots normally
    3. Phone hangs sometimes and then responds with everthing I have clicked all at once.
    4. The screen on off button responds a second late

    I think you guys can help me better if I tell you what I did to this phone exactly since I got this phone.

    What I did

    I initially bought this phone with defaul OS 4.0.1 in Pakistan.
    I then installed a Verizon system update of 250 MB that got my phone stuck on a boot loop (and made me cry almost)

    I restored my phone to the settings it came in using this procedure
    Restore Droid RAZR M (XT907) to stock factory firmware and Unroot it | AndroMods

    The phone worked fine for 2 days but then I got that update prompt again and it got annoying so I though maybe If i upgrade it to JB using the same RSD Lite method but a different ROM that may solve it.

    So I applied the above Procedure using this ROM
    Firmware DROID RAZR M Verizon Jelly Bean 4.1.2 by "Firmware Team" - xda-developers

    The method showed as Passed on RSD Lite but the phone got stuck on bootloop again so I paniced and tried restoring my phone abck to ICS using the method mention in the first link provided.

    Then the phone got stuck on AP Boot Menu

    Then I used DROID_RAZR_M_Utility_1.20 and used both methods 1 and two but it didnt work

    Then out of the blue I went to the boot menu and I saw an option Switch Console (Null:null) I pressed up key on and null null changed to default:tty something it and the phone booted up just fine back to ICS

    Now everytime I power off the phone it goes to AP Boot menu showing FASTBOOT REASON: Sticky bit factory_fastboot and I have to do the above to restart the phone.

    What I need
    Please help me restore my phone I dont want to brick it, I am a simple user I will need step by step guide

    Anyone ?
    06-18-2013 01:51 PM
  2. Val Alcazar's Avatar
    Im also having this problem on my Atrix HD. do you have fix?
    02-05-2015 03:05 AM

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