1. thetonydonovan's Avatar
    Hi there!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy SII, on O2 in the UK with their latest software release (Jelly Bean). Since the update the Jelly Bean the other month, it had been working like a dream, but starting this week, my phone seems to freeze whenever a call is recieved, or I try to dial out. The screen just goes black and the phone becomes unresponsive. Sometimes, the screen just stays black and I have to take the battery out to restart. At other times the phone will come back after between 1 and 4 minutes, after apparently rebooting itself (the Samsung welcome screen flashes up).

    The phone will also now hang and fail to play media (MP3) files. Whether using the Google Player, the native Samsung app or VLC. Normally, the screen goes black for a minute or two and then the app will show the track as queued up with artwork) but it will not play and the app just freezes. Other apps, internet browsing and text messages works as usual.

    I have tried removing any recently installed apps (only Dropbox was new recently) and I tried the factory reset. The problems persist after both.

    Any ideas, please?

    06-24-2013 06:45 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Factory reset and don't install any apps. Use it like that for awhile and see if it continues. You might also want to consider reformatting the sd card as well. Seems like there is something causing the errors.

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    06-24-2013 12:21 PM
  3. thetonydonovan's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. I did try the factory reset and - after the factory reset - removed my External Storage (SD card) and the problem with calls still persisted.
    06-25-2013 07:45 AM
  4. gone down south's Avatar
    Screen protector covering the proximity sensor?

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    06-25-2013 10:30 AM
  5. pbambr's Avatar
    I'm new to this forum. I registered because i have a similar problem as described above. On my Sony Xperia GO the phone app seems to have lower priority than other apps running. When e.g. receiving a call i might be able to "pick up the phone" but connection is only established after like 20 seconds. It seems that mainly widgets cause the problem. When I reboot the problem disappears for some time but returns in like half a day. I tried to do a factory reset but the problem reappeared after installing all the apps and widgets i like on my phone. Now I deleted all widgets (i had a few running) and it seems to fix the problem. My question now is - is it really true that widgets can get higher priority than the build-in phone app on my android (Jelly Bean) phone. (btw - i don't use screen protector)
    06-25-2013 01:50 PM

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