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    Is there anyone who can help fix this mess in Google?

    I'm trying to help my mom recover what I can from her deleted business calender that somehow became synced with her Google calender. When we cleared her data in the Google calender the business calender was erased also and shes literally in tears...

    Online if I Google "Accidentally cleared all my Google calender"

    I found one "complex" workaround posted by Google Help.

    Sign in to your Admin console - Google Apps Help

    Basically I am supposed to do this^^^

    Yet it is not so easy. I must have an admin account in a Google Apps for Business. So I found this

    How to become an admin account in Google Apps for Business Create an administrator account - Google Apps Help

    So I had to find Google Apps


    And now I cant find Google Apps for Business[??]...

    LIKE WHAT IS IT THAT IM NOT SEEING Ive been working on this since yesterday... anybody?
    06-26-2013 10:34 AM

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