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    Alright, so recently I rooted and unlocked the bootloader for my htc one att version. Everything went exactly as planned and it was working great. I then uploaded a AOKP rom, which worked fine, but did not have a google play store app. So I looked this issue up and found how to resolve it. How ever, I think I downloaded the wrong version of the app store for my particular phone. When I would turn my phone on, it would boot up and once it finally came to, it was saying some message like" Google Play has stopped unexpectedly" and i would press okay and the message would just keep popping up and wouldn't let me past it. Through further frustrated tinkering, I tried factory reseting it, and now it will only boot into recovery mode. And my computer won't recognize the phone as a drive when I plug it in.

    If anyone has any ideas, please help a guy out. I literally have exhausted every idea i've had to try and fix it.
    06-30-2013 01:14 AM

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