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    So, I'm in the market for an android tablet - first android device I've bought so I know little more than what I learned while playing with the displays at the store while I was waiting for someone.

    Basically, I need the android to do a few simple things for me.

    PDF reader, preferably one that lets me edit and save "interactive" pdfs such as this that way, I can put - in this example. An interactive character sheet on my tablet, build a new character, and save it under the characters name while keeping my original file unedited so that I can do the process a million and twelve times.
    Some kind of notepad app, preferably one that lets me keep different "notes" on the same app rather than saving them all as different files like the standard windows notepad - bloody useless thing.
    A video watcher, preferably something that has more than just MP4s - I watch a lot of movies and shows during long bus rides from point A to point B
    I also need to know a bit more about file organization. For example, would I be able to do...This.

    If you can't make it out, my directory just to get to my character sheets for a game is RPG books>game>character sheet>edition of game.
    So, would my over zealous, perhaps mildly OCD file organization be too much for android?
    07-03-2013 12:17 AM

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