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    Recently installed 32 GB micro sd card on tablet. Created the standard Pictures, Music, Movies, etc folders and synced music from PC as well as copy/paste other media. All looks well on the tablet sd card. Every power off/on cycle creates a duplicate set of these media files ...... After 3 power off/on cycles I have 4 sets of media folders. The original as well as 3 duplicate sets. Only the original contains actual media. All duplicate files are empty. This results in strange behavior with several media apps. For example, Gallery app opens a Pictures sub folder and shows a photo, 3 black frames, a photo, 3 black frames, etc. If I sort my music library by track, I see 4 copies of each track ...... however only one contains the actual track.

    If I unmount the SD card and follow it with a mount SD card, media scanner rebuilds the directory correctly ....... only one copy of each media folder.

    Under current state of affairs, I have to unmount/mount sd card before using any media app. An alternative would be to unmount the card before powering off, then mount the card again if I wish to use a media app. Really sucks.

    Any insight as to what is going on here and how to resolve ?

    ( This is a repost of same problem reported under "other tablets" forum. Hoping for more exposure here. Please excuse !!! )
    07-04-2013 12:16 PM

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