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    Hi There

    I have a Galaxy Note 2 and I was playing music on my phone fine before I got a Micro Sdcard. I had to get one as my memory had completely run out. so I picked up a normal 32gb Micro Sd card and my songs just keep skipping and skipping. heres my problems:

    1. - I put all my songs on the sd card (about 1400 songs) and it only put half on there (about 600 songs). so then I see the format sd card option so i would try that.

    2. - So I formatted the sd card which deletes everything on there lucky enough I back up all the files on computer. Once formatted I put all the songs back on there and this time it put 307 songs on. so then I thought I would plug the sd card in the phone and tranfer the songs through the phone into the card if you get me.

    3 - so I formatted again and put the song on through the phone into the sd card but I did it a 100 at a time and watched it so i knew they were all going on there (took ages but i did it). this time they all went on there so I was happy thinking it worked but then i tried playing somthing and it was coming up with somthing like "sorry, this player doesnt support this format". so i was real angry cause ive spent about 5 hours just trying to put songs on my card. so i thought it was time to look online for help.

    4 - I tried clearing the cache, clearing the data, unmounting and remounting, taking it out and putting it back in, resetting the phone, using a deffierent music player and it did the exact same thing. I even rebooted it to factory settings and lost everything contacts the lot because i forgot to save them to sim and it still didnt work. then i realised it was only playing AAC files .M4A or somthing. and it wasnt playing mp3s.

    5. So then i changed all my mp3s over to AAC .M4A files thinking it should work just like all the other songs. i did thid and guess what............... only songs converted from a cd worked, even some of them dont work.

    6. all my songs have no protection so it not that either,

    7. then i saw a question on Yahoo and this guy had the exact same problem as me and he needed help and someone said its maybe that i havent got a android Micro sd card called "SanDisk Mobile Ultra 32GB Micro SDHC UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card" now i dont mind buying one of these i just waned to ask you guys first. is this the reason my songs will not play??. because i dont want to buy a brand new one and find out it has the same problem??

    People i really need help, please dont ignore

    07-05-2013 04:43 PM
  2. rubbleuk's Avatar
    07-06-2013 12:36 PM

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