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    Verizon is not allowing me to upgrade my phone without loosing my unlimited data. I don't want to pay the full retail price in order to keep my unlimited data. I heard there is a loophole (best buy only?) where you can add a dumbphone line and upgrade that with your new smartphone and then switch it back to the unlimited line. I am a bit confused about how this works and I was hoping I could explain my exact situation and have someone guide me on how to do this. I tried to follow along with what I read on a similar thread, but I don't know if that would apply to my exact situation.

    I have a nationwide talk, text,and share 2000 plan with 4 phones.
    - Two are smartphones with unlimited data that are both due for upgrades.
    -the other 2 are basic phones. One has an upgrade and the other will have it at the end of August.
    I want to upgrade my Droid Razr to the Galaxy S4 and keep the unlimited data. So if I were to do that, would I try and upgrade on one of the basic phone lines? and then switch it to my unlimited line after?
    If someone could explain the process very simply I would be very grateful. I really don't want to lose my unlimited data and i feel like Verizon is cheating it's customers.
    Thank you very much!
    07-06-2013 08:27 PM
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    Here is what I did. I'm not sure BB is required... However, here is what seems to be required.
    Purchase upgrade that is associated to a basic line. Activate upgrade on that line. Reactivate the basic phone. Activate the upgrade on an unlimited line.
    All of this is done using Verizon's online services.

    I would thing you could transfer an upgrade to the basic line again - then repeat the process to get both unlimited lines upgraded.
    Good luck!


    4 Phones
    2 - Smart - both unlimited - one off contract/upgrade available
    2 - Basic - one off contract/upgrade available.

    Goal: Get a upgrade Galaxy S4 on the Unlimited Plan and put the old GS3 on the basic line without losing Unlimited Plan.

    Activate GS4 on Basic Line
    Step 1 - Purchased Galaxy S4 at BB on the basic line. Did not have them activate it.
    Step 2 - Log into myverizon. Choose Activate or Switch Phone.
    Step 3 - Choose Basic line and 'Activate New Phone'. Enter in GS4 MEID and follow steps.
    Step 4 - Ensure GS4 is working.

    Revert back to Basic Phone on Basic Line
    Step 1 - Log Out of myverizon and then log back in to get the latest account info.
    Step 2 - Choose Basic line and choose 'Activate a phone used previously on the account'. Enter in MEID of original basic phone and follow steps.
    Step 3 - Make sure basic phone is working.

    Move GS4 to the Unlimited Line
    Step 1 - Turn off Both phones (GS4 and GS3) and remove SIM cards.
    Step 2 - Log Out of myverizon and then log back in to get the latest account info.
    Step 3 - Choose Unlimited line (GS3) and choose 'Activate a phone used previously on the account'.
    Step 4 - Choose GS4 from drop down or Enter in MEID of GS4 phone.
    Step 5 - Enter the SIM card number of GS3 when asked and then put it into GS4. Follow the rest of activation steps.
    Step 6 - Make sure GS4 is working.
    Step 7 - log out and back into myverizon and check the Unlimited Status.

    Move GS3 to the Basic Line
    Step 1 - Follow same procedure as Moving to GS4 except you must choose a Data Plan.

    I did each step without waiting any extended periods of time. As long as MyVerizon saw the changes, I moved on to the next phase. Accomplished on 7/18/2013.

    Hope this helps.
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    07-22-2013 09:35 AM
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    Good guide Gravik.

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    07-22-2013 10:16 AM

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