02-01-2016 06:24 AM
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  1. peterchien82's Avatar
    So I read it somewhere and I tried!! it worked!
    so, when your phone is still on, pull out the battery. wait for a while. and put it back in.
    it fixed mine.
    11-27-2013 12:32 PM
  2. mariah bennett's Avatar
    i have the same problem, i have had my phone for a year and it keeps telling me camera failed. i haven't been able to use my camera for about a month now and its becoming very aggravating cause i use my camera for many projects. if you find a way to fix this can you please tell me..
    12-02-2013 09:30 AM
  3. YooperJ's Avatar
    I uninstalled the Facebook Messenger app, and my camera still doesn't work. I have also removed the battery and restarted, deleted photos (even though there's 12GB still available on the phone), cleared the memory cache, added and removed an SD card, updated the phone's firmware, and messed with screws on the phone. So far, nothing has worked. I get the "camera failed" error every time.
    12-03-2013 08:56 AM
  4. Nicka DropXdead's Avatar
    Habe the same problem now. Almodt everyone has it? Is it possible to be the camera having the problem and NOT thr software? :/

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-05-2013 11:14 PM
  5. onejohn512's Avatar
    My Mega Cam fails the diagnostics and I'm receiving the camera failed message. The suggested solutions don't work. Like many others my phone is just over a year old. The phone has never been damaged, is in pristine condition protected by body glove case since 1st few days of ownership. Samsung are you listening?
    12-07-2013 02:25 AM
  6. Nicka DropXdead's Avatar
    I had this phone for. Like 4 months.and this happens. The thing is I believe it's the software and NOT its camera..

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-07-2013 02:29 PM
  7. Anuj Vohra's Avatar
    I got it fixed by following these steps:

    1. Connect your device to your laptop using data cable
    2. Go to folder: Computer\SAMSUNG-SGH-I747\Phone\Applidium Image Cache
    3. Delete everything in this folder
    4. Go to folder: Computer\SAMSUNG-SGH-I747\Phone\Android\data\com.sec.android.gallery3d\cache
    5. Delete everything in this folder
    6. Restart your phone
    7. Camera works
    12-09-2013 09:48 PM
  8. Sanbir Singh's Avatar
    It worked Peter, thanks a lot

    - - - Updated - - -

    It worked Peter, thanks a lot
    12-10-2013 04:18 AM
  9. Sergey from Russia's Avatar
    Remove Best Shot for Camera by rooting your phone, and camera will work.
    12-14-2013 06:33 PM
  10. Meghangaskarth's Avatar
    Hi! just take your battery out from the back and put it back in again, it worked for me hope it helps!
    12-15-2013 05:44 PM
  11. onejohn512's Avatar
    The solutions here need to specify which carrier is being used as different carriers have differing setups. Unfortunately my camera is still not working. It did start to work again for a day or so, but it apparently as far as I can tell had nothing to do with any of the fixes suggested in this forum. Does anyone have Verizon as the carrier and know which file or directory is the Mega Cam camera when you access the phone via the USB cable? Or have any suggestions to fix specific to the "Camera failed" message for the Galaxy S3 with Verizon as the carrier?

    Anuj Vohra
    I got it fixed by following these steps:

    1. Connect your device to your laptop using data cable
    2. Go to folder: Computer\SAMSUNG-SGH-I747\Phone\Applidium Image Cache [directory does not exist on Verizon phone I have]
    3. Delete everything in this folder
    4. Go to folder: Computer\SAMSUNG-SGH-I747\Phone\Android\data\com.sec.android.gallery3d\cache [deleted the contents of the equivalent named directory and restarted ...did not work]
    5. Delete everything in this folder
    6. Restart your phone
    7. Camera works
    12-17-2013 11:37 AM
  12. J-Bloodin Herrera's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Try clearing the cache and data for the camera in the app settings.

    Menu - settings - applications

    Look for the camera app and open it.

    Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
    12-25-2013 05:10 PM
  13. arrogen's Avatar
    I just bought a Samsung galaxy tab 3 and it keeps saying camera failed.. how can I fix it?? Please help..
    12-29-2013 08:40 PM
  14. aarablue's Avatar
    Thank you so much. This fixed my problem. Happy New Year
    12-30-2013 04:50 PM
  15. Robert_LK's Avatar
    I dropped my galaxy s3 and my camera stopped working but I downloaded a new camera app and the front camera works but not the back one

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-02-2014 11:35 AM
  16. isired's Avatar
    I have a GS3 on Verizon, had this "camera failed" issue today. I tried to 'shortcut' the solution by just unmounting my sd card but not removing it, but that didn't work. Here's what fixed it, after unmounting the card:
    • took back off phone with the phone on
    • removed SD card
    • pulled battery (phone was still on / screen off until battery pull powered it down - not sure if this matters at all, just how I did it)
    • waited 30 seconds
    • put battery back in
    • started phone up
    • launched camera app - it worked
    • put SD card back in
    • launched camera app - it worked
    • got dialog notifying me that there was an SD card inserted, and asking if I wanted to use the SD card to store photos - I said yes
    • camera still works
    01-03-2014 03:54 PM
  17. kit717's Avatar
    I have updated the cam firmware to ZDFI02 for i747u, and still have the problem. ask me if you need more details.
    I have done all following with no success:
    1. took out the battery, removed the sd card,
    2. updated to latest ZDFI02
    3. cleared the cache including wipe cache partition
    4. used the stock rom.

    nothing has worked. I really want the camera on my phone as I will be traveling next week.
    01-06-2014 03:47 PM
  18. Johnlayreader's Avatar
    I am having the exact same problem. However I have trouble shooted the problem and realized it is NOT A SOFTWARE ISSUE.

    I have tried several resets, etc.

    My problem started where my camera was taking photos, but had white lines in all of them, and sometimes would automatically go into camera failed message. Then after awhile went into camera failed every time.

    After removing the backplate I wiggled around the camera (gently) and realized it was a connection to the camera. If I pushed steaight down on the lens, the camera would function like normal for a few minutes. But after doing this a few times I realized it was a very temporary fix.

    Does anyone know how to repair the connection, or any other help with this camera issue? I have had the phone for under a year, and used an otterbox defender. I have also never had any serious drops that would make me suspect any internal hardware problems.

    I had this problem a few weeks ago for several days but it miraculously disappeared when I used the QR code reader - maybe a coincidence. Reason I think this is because I got an 'error callback' message if the camera was in its case (which grips the camera tightly) instead of 'camera failed' error when the camera was out of its case, which made me suspect it was hardware rather than software.

    The camera failed again this morning after several weeks working well.

    After reading all the helpful suggestions on this thread, I found pressing the camera down worked. I suspect that it may be a poor connection between the camera and circuit board. Maybe the manhandling involved in some of the other mechanical remedies (loosening screws, battery etc.) inadvertently cure this as well.

    That's not to say that in some cases the failure could be down to software, just that in my case it suggests a hardware failure.

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    01-08-2014 12:59 PM
  19. John Gouda's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    Thanks for sharing your trials, none of the mentioned solutions worked for me. It turned into something else, which is uninstalling Go Launcher, FlashLight.
    I have updated to 4.3, and I'm using Go Launcher instead of TouchWiz, so I don't have the option to use the stock torch, so I used to have FlashLight. But for some reasons it crash the camera with 4.3

    So I uninstall the FlashLight, and camera is back to work!!
    Read the following:

    android - Flashlight crashes systems Camera App - Stack Overflow

    Good luck.
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    01-14-2014 09:18 PM
  20. Sterling Minor's Avatar
    Samsung Galaxy S3 camera failed.
    Hi guys I have AT&T and my camera literally stopped working today. I did try restarting the phone and I also deleted the cache/data. None of that worked.

    I then connected it to my laptop as a media device and let it be recognized. I opened the camera app while it was connected. It worked. When I removed the phone from the laptop it still worked! Hope this helps some!
    01-24-2014 12:27 PM
  21. ARealTitan's Avatar
    I figured out how to fix it! - NOT exactly easy.
    If your not tech savvy, please contact me - Email at bottom;
    Or get it repaired by a professional.

    1) Shut off Phone.
    2) Remove back plate. (Hiding the battery)
    3) Remove battery, SIM, and SD Card. (if applicable)
    4) Unscrew EVERY screw in coloured portion.
    5) Remove portion which is the same colour as your back plate. (removed earlier, hiding the battery)
    6) Remove male connector for the speaker, small blue piece at the top of your phone.
    7) Disconnect front side camera male connector.
    8) Lift circuit slightly and gently.
    9) Put camera male connector back in correct position, reconnect with finger.
    10) Put the circuit back down again, Gently!
    11) Hook up front camera, and front speaker.
    12) Put portion that is the same colour as your back plate. (again - removed earlier)
    13) Re-screw everything back with their original screws. (if possible)
    14) Put battery, SIM, and SD Card (if applicable) back into your phone.
    15) Replace back plate.
    16) TRY YOUR CAMERA!!!

    If these steps didn't work contact me at beaugulley@uanidesign.com - and provide a picture of your phone (front and back) after step 5, then I will be able to walk you through fixing your phone's camera issue.
    01-26-2014 07:21 PM
  22. detong's Avatar
    I had the same problem - Camera Failed Error 2-3 weeks back

    I did almost everything that was suggested by googling Samsung Galaxy S3 Camera Fail. Eg. remove SD card. reboot, factory reset, android reset etc....

    Nothing worked.... I thought it is hardware failure.

    One fine day, I used the camera worked again for inexplicable reason.

    My hunch is that when the firmware update, someone at Samsung forgot to test the camera app, so the camera failed. And the issue is resolved at the next firmware update.

    Anyway, I am glad it is working again and I can use it to remember where I park my car.
    01-28-2014 03:52 AM
  23. mariah bennett's Avatar
    i want to know what do you mean by the last step your telling me to "Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2". i'm so confused
    01-30-2014 10:54 AM
  24. Shamari Brown's Avatar
    Worked for me! Thanks a lot man.. I was really getting frustrated.
    01-31-2014 06:39 AM
  25. Denise Rodriguez's Avatar
    I didn't have to do a factory reset or anything else. All I did was power down my phone and remove my sd card for about 15 min. I powered up and left it alone to complete all startup tasks. My camera was good to go after that. Hope it helps.
    02-17-2014 11:05 AM
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