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    Ok, so My device is Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S601) and heres what happened:

    I've never performed a software update on it, as I knew i wasn't getting a new version on android so, meh. Yesterday i went in to 'about phone' and clicked on check for updates, i showed me a 5mb update available. I downloaded it and chose install. My phone shut down. then it booted up and under the Model number it said installing. somewhat like this:

    Then it installed in a minute or so, then my phone started. Today i checked and there was another update, 12mb woot! I did the same thing. THIS time it got stuck at 83% while 'installing'. Like it went up to 83% in 20 seconds then just froze there. after 3-4 minutes i held the power button and it restarted. Again i was greeted with the installing screen. This time it froze at 43%.

    I searched online and I found this: Stuck in installing software update on samsung galaxy young duos? - Yahoo! Answers

    I haven't tried letting it just keep installing and not progress. So i want to know what I should do, and if i boot in recovery mode and 'wipe' my phone what will be deleted and what will stay?
    08-09-2013 10:49 PM

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