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    so i just have my acer liquid E2 and i have a strange problem.
    i get the app facebook with it i dont mind about that i use it but sometimes it doesnt want to refresh the page this is the same for the playstore sometimes it just doesnt want to load.
    now i saw on a other forum that there are problems with android 4.2.2 and wifi. the strange thing for me is everything else is working fine.
    what's app working, facebook messenger working, hangouts working i get a messege if i refresh the page.
    error refresh the page check your connection. the problem is my connection is working how can i what's app if my connection is down (and yes im using wifi for it not my credit).

    EDIT: most of the time its happening when i didnt use the app for a time or when my mobile is getting out of stand by

    some one a idea why it isnt working?

    thanks a lot.
    08-11-2013 01:16 PM

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