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    Hi Guys. I just joined this forum upon recommendation by some of the forum members and would like to introduce myself. My name is Sam Varma. I am a software developer and I'm currently working in Apple. So you can expect that my knowledge about Iphones are pretty broad. By the way, I am also very familiar with other platforms such as Android, Symbian, Windows and so on. I've spent a significant proportion of my lifetime in creating and developing apps for mobile phones. Mobile users are growing by the minute!! It is a huge market and generates billions of dollars for Mobile phone companies. Every now and then the number of apps developed are also increasing. Most mobile phone users search for cool new apps on their mobile phone.Any program that suites their necessity and convenience will be downloaded. Imagine if your app comply with the needs of millions of mobile phone users..,BOOM!! Your app will be popular on most of the online app stores. This topic is pretty huge, because it includes everything that needs to be done from scratch, until your app is finally in the stores. So I would like to share the ebook that I came across a couple of weeks ago. This book mainly deals with the app developing topic and it has a lot of positive reviews. At first I wasn't sure enough if anyone with no prior coding knowledge will be able to actually create an app. But, I was astounded by the contents of the book as it elaborates the entire topic in a very simple, understandable form. It even includes proofs of earning by newbies , which really makes a hardcore developer like me to wonder how. And the title certainly means what it says. So I would like to recommend this ebook to any users who are interested to develop apps and earn money. The book has everything from scratch and the writer explains every method step-by-step for the ease of understanding. It is also guaranteed that you will earn cash at the initial stage itself , of course, you must be committed and be able to follow everything consistently. I've given the link below. Feel free to review it if you've read it. Thank you. See you soon.

    08-15-2013 05:59 AM

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