1. skiscotty's Avatar
    Sorry if I have posted in the wrong location - please refer me if I have.

    My question is about how to ensure I can access all my APPs and Contact details when using a travel SIM in another country.

    I live in AUS and will travel to SPAIN and ITALY, I will use a travel SIM purchased locally there (to keep costs down). Will my APPS still be visible on the phone and will they work? - ie will they still recognise me and have all my data, login details and preferences readily available.

    If not, how should I prepare my phone (data card or whatever) so as to ensure I can get access to my APPS working correctly after I have inserted the new SIM. FYI, the phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2 running jellybean.

    All help and advice greatly appreciated.

    cheers, John
    08-25-2013 12:50 AM
  2. Sizzers's Avatar
    Your apps will run fine.

    The only exception I can think of off the top of my head is if you have any anti-theft software running which would entail updating your new phone number details.
    08-25-2013 01:27 AM
  3. skiscotty's Avatar
    Thanks Sizzers.

    Will the apps retain all my info and log me in automatically - eg my hotel bookings etc. Also I am assuming my gmail and email will work OK even though the new SIM will probably look like a new IP to the network??

    Regards, John
    08-25-2013 02:31 AM

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