1. maffy06's Avatar
    Hey everyone, new here.. So here's the deal:

    I was trying to use my phone ZTE KIS PRO as a hotspot wi-fi, but I couldn't so I figured "hey, let's see what this Vpn thing right above this is?" Bad, horrible idea! Now, my phone is blocked, and no one seems to be able to help me. I've gone to my operator, they told me I might have to pay ZTE for them to unlock it. Total bs, it's not my fault, I didn't even know what VPN was until I started tryin to fix the mess I had done lmao, boohoo.

    Ok, my fault, I understand, but the phone is brand new, and I didn't know any better, I'm sure any reasonable person can understand this was plain dumbness on my behalf, and I already paid for the phone, and I ZTE warranty, but I wanna fix this myself, isn't there a "how to unlock your phone" thing when you've messed up with the VPN?

    I already tried the pincode I set up for the VPN, it doesn't work, I'm sure it's correct because that's the same pincode as the operator card pincode so I really don't know.

    I've used google, I've called places, I've installed software I'm not sure I even need on my computer which seems useless, all the phone does when connected via USB to the pc is to be charged.


    ps: Portugal phone; service Optimus; phone Zte kis pro
    08-26-2013 02:16 PM
  2. Denise Nietupski's Avatar
    Omg...I did too. and now I can't get the dam thing off my phone!! do you mean to tell me that I can't get it off ?? CRAP. I hate this thing! I don't want it on and I just want it off!
    09-08-2013 03:37 PM

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