1. usskaka88's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I just bought a GS4 recently. Does anyone knows why or encountered the same problem as me?

    My S4 auto delete my images, videos, music and documents once in a while like twice a month?
    Basically, all files from "My Files" folder are deleted.
    My apps, contacts and sms-es are all unaffected.
    I don't have any SD card attached.

    After that incidence, I decided to factory data reset my S4 as I suspected the software might be corrupted or infected by virus or something.
    The same thing happened again after 2weeks or so.

    Still, annoyed by this, I've no other choice but to ask for help. Anyone has any idea what's wrong?
    09-02-2013 09:01 PM
  2. josiahlikesminecraft's Avatar
    I would just backup everything to an app called helium. I don't have a fix for the problem but with helium at least u can get it back.

    Posted via Samsung S3
    09-02-2013 09:03 PM

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