1. mrcoyote's Avatar
    I picked up the HTC Desire a week ago, and so far so good.. I'm missing a few things I got used to on a Blackberry, but over all, enjoy this much better.

    However... when the phone first asked for google account info, I plugged in "account1" info - this account1 has all my calendar info (google calendar) contacts and the bulk of my email (with tons of spam & newsletters etc - not really important to have on my phone).

    "account2" is my "professional" email account - I don't use the calendar on this account, just email.

    "account3" is my "alter ego" email account (a "ghost writer" account)... email only here.

    Anyway - I setup the phone with account1 using gmail, account2 using gmail and account3 in gmail - but then added it to the regular 'mail' account.

    My "main" problem is the calendar is using "account2" information - and since I don't use account2 on google calendar, it's blank. Well, I can add "account1" when using the calendar app, but don't get the reminders and can't delete and modify entries. Also, my contacts I want saved into "account1" where all my contacts currently are.

    How can I make my google "account1" as the primary for calendars and contacts? Or should I move "account2" to a regular "mail" account? (that was how I ran it on blackberry - I never used the gmail app on that platform).

    suggestions are appreciated!!
    08-27-2010 09:29 PM
  2. mhelbert's Avatar
    Having some of the same issues with my new Samsung Captivate.

    I have 2 gmail accounts, one personal and second for biz. When prompted to enter a Google account I used the personal one first then added the biz account. The sync on the personal account synced fine. The biz account only synced the email. I need the calendar from the biz account also.

    Any tips for a new user would be appreciated.
    08-29-2010 10:38 AM
  3. vartan1981's Avatar
    I have similar issues as well. including not being able to have seperate calendars on my evo. if any one knows how to seperate my calendars, example: facebook, gmail, my personal and my company it would be highly appriciated thank you.
    08-29-2010 08:55 PM