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    The October 2010 issue of Maximum PC Magazine has a great 5 full pages of Android information. Considering I'm about to dive into Android with and epic, I found it to be great advice. They usually archive their magazines online in .pdf after a few months but in the meantime you can pick one up at your local Best Buy or book store. Topics covered are:
    • General Usage Guide
    • Default Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Optimize your Android Experience
      • Widgets
      • Shortcuts
      • Keyboards
      • Ringtones & Notifications
      • Unique Look
    • Tweak Your Settings
      • Sync More with Integrated Accounts
      • Network Speed vs Battery Life
      • More Power Saving Tips
      • Configure Search Settings
      • Location, Location, Location
      • Get More out of apps with Google Labs
    • Staples for your Android Arsenal
      • Astro File Manger
      • Add a Task manager
      • Upgrade your Messaging App
      • Locale
      • Wavesecure Mobile Security
    • Who Needs Chrome?
    08-30-2010 09:06 AM