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    Hello there!

    I am a corporate IT user switching from Blackberry to Android (along with some colleagues - Galaxy S4). We are part of a support team for a company which used Blackberry until recently. I've been reading many posts about apps that could do what we did with email filtering, profiles and alerts, but there does not seem to be a clear "winner" which can do everything the BB could do... they all seem to do only part of the job (LightFlow, Sond Profile etc).

    What we are looking to do is add exceptions and escalations (AKA Blackberry filters and "forward with Level 1 Notification") on trigger strings in emails. Example: on a trigger email sentence "New Priority 1 Issue was assigned to your team," in email, if in "normal" profile, we need the phone to ring with a certain tone (bypassing whatever is setup for regular email notifications). If in the phone is "Silent" mode, we need the same trigger to bypass silent and vibrate only for that string in the email. I was able to get labels and filters working with our corporate Gmail account on the Android and combining that with a special tone, it works.. except the "bypass" does not seem to work with profiles. Example, if I silence the phone, it will also silence my special alert... I would like the silent phone to vibrate when in silent mode for that alert and make a sound when in normal mode or night.

    This was very very useful as it was built-in with blackberry. Example, normally I would not want an email to make any sound during the day, except if it has been escalated with one of the the trigger text(s). Also, if I am in the movie theater (phone in silent mode), I did want only those exceptions to Vibrate (nothing else), so I could get out of the movie without bothering people and get to work At night, I only want the phone and escalations to make a sound/vibrate.

    Apologies in advance if I have missed something, but I have tried to dig an experiment without full success

    Thanks very much!
    09-30-2013 02:54 PM

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