1. S7even_UK's Avatar
    Firstly I'd just like to say hi to all fellow members, first post so please excuse my basic knowledge.

    I have come from IOS user for 5 years and now convert(ing) to Android and in particular the titled phone.

    My problem, well it started after I purchased the UK & Ireland TomTom App, which in most part I am extremely happy with, however one issue is slowly but surely making me more and more frustrated; what is that problem well here is a scenario when the problem arises:

    Driving along, following my sat nav, enjoying open road, phone rings and I accept call, I should add at this point that I receive lots of calls as part of my job, so this problem is encountered 'a lot'; back on point, during in call my screen goes off (sat nav still gives voice directions in background), I end the call and then it happens ...... Screen briefly shows contact who I have just spoken to, goes for a split second back to landscape and then my lock screen appears asking for my pin!

    During a 40-50 mile journey I might receive 5-10 calls, that is several occasions where I am dangerously attempting to put my pin in and inevitably taking my eyes off the road! I raised the problem with TomTom support, they told me to totally delete app, reinstall and it would sort it out. I have done this 3 times (regrettably losing all my favourites) and it still does the lock screen thing. Yes I could remove all security and it does come back to nav screen, but why should my security suffer due to the apps inability to do the job I paid it for?

    Has anyone else encountered and resolved this problem? Ironically when you instal the app and you get the screen which tells you what the app wants to have permissions to use, lock screen is on there ....

    Any help would be not only very much appreciated, but would save my sanity.

    10-12-2013 04:35 PM
  2. Andrew K1984's Avatar
    Hi. Try this!
    on the home screen hit phone icon and then your menu button, you will see menu with call settings tab when you get there deselect turn off screen during calls.
    03-01-2014 06:38 PM

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