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    Okay, so I plan on escaping Sprint when the Nexus 5 comes out. I want to keep my number, as it's 12 years old, all Sprint.

    I want to cancel my contract, port the number to google voice, and pick and choose my carriers as I need them.

    So, if I have google voice set up, I understand that when I make a phone call, my call goes from my new number, to google voice, which rings the person I am calling, so my number will show mu current number. It saves me from losing my number, and always being able to keep it.

    What about texts? If I send a text, will the person I am texting receive it from my GV number, or the number on the phone? If a person texts my GV number (which will be my current cell number), will I receive the texts on my phone?

    10-18-2013 09:00 PM
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    Well, first thing is you can take your number with you without porting it to Google Voice. Sprint doesn't "own" your number. In fact, if you go to another carrier, you just tell them you want that number and they set you up with it, which cancels your Sprint account. You don't even need to call Sprint to cancel (saves you that awkward phone call where you feel like you're breaking up with someone).

    If you're really stuck on Google Voice, I'd wait....it looks like GV will be merging with Hangouts really really soon (probably with Kit Kat). And then it'll probalby function differently.

    Anyways, I did exactly the same thing as you...ported my number to Google Voice then switched to Verizon. But I more wanted the Google Voice features, such as custom voice mail messages, ringing multiple phones, being able to block people or forward calls from one contact to my work number and another to my home number.

    It didn't work the way I envisioned. You need a data connection to make calls (calls themselves go over the normal cellular network, but you need a data connection to initiate the call through GV). Without a data connection, you have to use your phone's "real" number which the person on the other end won't have.

    Unless the texting has changed, you still need to use the GV app to send text messages or the person on the other end will see your "real" number.

    It ended up being too inconvient for me since I had about 500 people with my original number, so I ended up porting the number back to Verizon. I still have my Google Voice number though, that I use for giving out to new people, and the calls are forwarded to me seemlessly. But I mostly tend to use it for temporary business contacts or giving out to other people I don't want having my real number.

    But like I said, it looks like Voice will be merging with Hangouts soon. Not sure how it will function or change then.
    10-19-2013 10:54 AM
  3. slave's Avatar
    10-20-2013 05:23 PM

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