1. 1233user's Avatar
    I just got Rockplayer installed on my phone (original Motorola Droid) I got a email with an attached avi file, but the phone won't let me download it. It says that the file is not supported by my phone. Is there anyway for me to download this file without hooking up my phone to a computer? Thanks!
    09-03-2010 10:35 AM
  2. slick#AC's Avatar
    Got the same issue on my Samsung Fascinate. Did you get it figured out?
    09-13-2010 02:54 PM
  3. SlappyMcgee's Avatar
    I ran into this on my captivate. I think you have to have the save as option at the bottom of the email. If you just click the attatchment link it trys to open right away which it will not do. If you are using the gmail app, then try using the browser to go to www.gmail.com then login and see if the save as link is at the bottom of the page.
    09-14-2010 07:19 AM
  4. DukeHatz's Avatar
    You can use the app 'Save my attach' works for me.
    09-19-2010 10:07 PM