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    Heya All, i was after some tips/tricks/pointers on how to use my new Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with no hands.

    I don't have any use of my hands as a quadriplegic so i rely heavily on voice control using my blutooth headset...i can press the blutooth 'function' button against my headrest by turning my head to 'activate' my headset but that's about it

    I would really like it if there was someway to have tx msgs or email read to me automatically as they're received or if i can somehow reply without touching the phone?

    Any advice greatly appreciated!!!
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    10-28-2013 07:48 PM
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    Hi .

    Personally I wouldn't hav a clue, sorry.
    But I may know a couple of people who do.
    I have a good friend who is good friends with a guy who's got cerabal palsey(I think that's what its called) who uses all the techno stuff to share his thoughts, including bible quotes, in a small Christian group we 3 go to.

    Also a different guy using a motorised wheelchair used some computer techno stuff in group where people with disabilities were learning how to publish their own stuff. I'm not sure how he was using it, he was sitting further behind me. I could contact "Access to Arts", who set these learning sessions up, if I can find out answers to yr questions.

    I realise this isn't what yr talking about exactly, but they may be able to help. And u may get all the help from here, but either way I'm more than to try if you'd like me to. Just let me know

    One or not of them may be interested in becoming a member of ac forums, then any discussion would be more direct. It would be funny if either of them were already members lol.


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    10-29-2013 02:34 AM
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    If your still around. I'm wondering if your waiting to see if I found out anything. Whereas I'm waiting to see if anyone else can help and also checking in case you would like me to start asking the contacts I was talking about.

    So if you'd like me to start checking, just let me know here or in private messaging if you prefer.

    Helen (Nana of many )

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    10-30-2013 08:35 AM
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    Have you checked out the Tecla Shield from Komodo Open Lab? gettecla.com

    It allows you to use a simple switch (head/tongue etc.) to wirelessly control Android and iOS devices. The device can give almost full access to the device (note, iOS works much better than Android at the moment - Google needs to catch-up a bit). In this way, you can control the device, make calls, send messages, and get into programs without ever touching the screen. Was built with quadriplegics in mind specifically!

    Good luck!

    05-14-2014 03:45 PM

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