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    Good morning all.

    I am backing up/transferring my camera photos to a memory stick for safe keeping. Looking on Applications>Gallery on the S2, I see the following four groups of photos.All are held on the phone memory.

    1.Camera - These are the pictures currently on the camera - ie. go to camera and click on the button bottom left to bring up current photos:

    2.Downloads - various images such as screen savers I have downloaded

    3. Photo editor - the four pictures I have played with using photo editor; and

    4.General - (85) photos that I have taken with the camera but which are not included the Camera pictures

    The first three above (ie Camera, Downloads and Photo editor) all have their own folder or sub folder which I can click and drag with the PC using the path My Computer>GT-I9100>phone. However, I cannot find a folder or sub folder for 4, the General group of photos anywhere on either the phone memory or card memory. As I say, 1 to 3 all have their own clearly defined folders which I can find move or view using My Computer on the PC

    Can anyone give me an idea where I can find, or a way I can search for, the missing 'General' group of pictures.

    Thanks. Phil.
    11-04-2013 04:56 AM

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