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    This is probably a pretty common question, so I'm sure one of you can answer with relative ease.

    I've got an iPhone 3G and have had for very close to two years. It's getting old and slow, but the bigger problem is that I'm quite tired of At&t, so in a couple of weeks I'm going to be switching carriers. I've decided on Verizon, and obviously since I'm in this forum, I've chosen Android.

    My wife and I are both looking to get one, and I think she's more or less decided to go with the Droid X. Although it looks quite appealing, I am also very attracted to the Incredible. I've watched a few youtube videos comparing them, but those guys are all so shallow that I get little more than what I'd be able to discern myself by reading the spec sheets on both phones.

    I'm looking for real practical differences. I know the battery life can be an issue, but I'm not particularly concerned; as I mentioned I've currently got an older iPhone 3G and have gotten used to plugging it in mid day, otherwise it'll be dead by nine or ten on an average day. From what I hear, that's what I would expect with the Incredible. I'd prefer better, but can certainly live with that kind of performance.
    I have no preference on the size issue. My hands are large enough that I can easily manage the Droid X's keyboard, and the Incredible is very close to the same size as my 3G whose screen size (not resolution) I am satisfied with.
    I have a strong preference toward the Sense UI and am not particularly fond of Droid X's interface yet, but I imagine I'll get used to whichever I end up choosing.

    As far as my usage, I really like playing around with things on my phone. I browse fairly often, I use the social networking sites, I text, I watch YouTube, and when I had the phone Jailbroken I tinkered with it all the time. I unjailbroke it just because it was getting far too slow to deal with, so I've just lived with my confinements.

    So, with those considerations, I think I might like the Droid X for its screen size for videos. I also really liked the Swype keyboard which I know comes stock on Droid X, but I haven't seen on the Incredible. (Does it have that option?) The Droid X would also be a contender because of it's greater battery capacity. Although I accept the battery limitations with the Incredible, if it's a great enough difference I will certainly take it into consideration when I make my choice.

    For the Incredible, I like how much more customizable it seems and from what I've seen, the screen looks considerably sharper with better color rendition. Also, from what I've seen the Incredible's camera is significantly better. I know that it doesn't have HD video, but who really needs 720p out of a sensor a third the size of my fingernail? Just because it's higher resolution doesn't mean it's better.

    I know the Droid X currently can't view flash, but the update is coming soon. Can the Incredible? Any other relevant questions I should be asking? I'm not one to switch phones often so I want something I'm going to be happy with for at least a couple of years. What are your suggestions?
    09-07-2010 03:39 AM
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    Ummm. Hard decision, but i would like to share my experience with the droid incredible which i currently own. The biggest downer is the battery life. I usually charge at night and it lasts about 12-18 hrs then have to charge again.

    Sense UI is a huge plus for me. The HTC widgets News, Clock/Weather, and Friendstream i use multiple times a day and looks nice.

    Droid incredible pictures look great and we now have 720p video capture thanks to the latest OTA update.

    Size is nice slighty bigger screen than iphone but of course smaller than the X.

    I'm betting the battery life wont bother you since your used to chargin ur 3G mid-day.

    I think the X is a great phone (my roommate has one) but it doesn't feel as nice as the Sense UI and my roomate agrees but he purchased beautiful widgets which gets him close to that HTC sense look and feel but not quite the same. Screen size was his motivation to go with the X.

    Both phones are great so it would be hard to go wrong. Enjoy your new Android experience and freedom from your i shackles

    Oh yeah may be worth waiting for the fascinate (verizon's samsung galaxy S phone).
    09-07-2010 07:03 AM
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    I was in the same boat. Had to make a choice. Ended up going Inc. The x was just to big for my pockets. I love the Inc. Screen is amazing. As soon as I got home it was rooted and running cyanogen.

    I've been more than happy with my choice. Plus the camera is amazing.
    09-07-2010 07:06 AM