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    Hey guys, I've been using Google Voicemail for years now, and have used AT&T Straight Talk for I think the last two years of that, no problems at all. Yesterday, I activated a new AT&T ST sim so I could get LTE on my Nexus 5 as my old sim wasn't giving me anything past H+. Well in the process, I lost Google Voicemail.

    I called straight talk and they "reset" my conditional call forwarding. Everything looks right on my phone, but when someone tries to leave me voicemail, they get three beeps and (at least on my girlfriend's Nexus 4) a message showing "invalid number" in their dialer. Again, this is after my phone has rung and the call should be heading to voicemail. ST voicemail works fine if I let it go there but naturally I'd prefer to use Google Voicemail.

    Also on an odd note and maybe this helps; if I dial my cell number from my OBi device using Google Voice and then let it go to voice mail (using Google voicemail settings on my cell phone), it loops. The call ends or I reject the call, and then a few seconds later my cell phone just starts ringing again with that same call.

    I've tried deactivating and reactivating in the Google Voice settings on the web. I've used the ##004# and the **007*1...# commands to do it manually. Cleared data on the Google Voice App. Removed said App. Also tried putting the new sim back into my old (sounds wrong saying this) Nexus 4 and the symptoms are just the same. No success.

    Anyone else experience this? I've used Google Voice and Google Voicemail for ages with no issues and now I'm just stuck. I'd be grateful for any help. I'm starting to wonder if this isn't on Straight Talk's end somehow. Thanks in advance!

    11-15-2013 09:11 PM
  2. wx27's Avatar
    I've got the exact same issue going to an ATT LTE sim on Straight Talk.
    Hope someone else knows of a solution and can share.
    All the conditional call forwarding entries properly show my GV #.
    I'm getting the call looping behavior you have where the call never actually hits GV voicemail, but calls my phone again and again.
    11-16-2013 10:27 AM

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