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    i noticed the widget for the official twitter app does not update at startup unless i open the app. yes, sync data is on and sync interval is set. in addition, the phone was reset and reformatted with no avail. also installed it on another device with same results. even though the widget does not update, i still get dm, mention, favorite, and retweet notifcations. strange.

    the facebook widget will always update at startup. i also use the seesmic widget which updates at startup. difference between facebook and seesmic is that seesmic has an option in the settings, "launch at startup" in "misc". after the device is turned on and completes loading up, the app does not open but starts running in the background. going back to facebook, it doesnt have an option like that. regardless, it starts running in background.

    finally, the question. how do we get the twitter app to run in the background at startup so the widget can update?

    btw, already tried 3 different startup manager apps but they open the twitter app at startup. it will get the widget to udpate because the app is now opened but thats not what im looking for.
    11-25-2013 12:52 PM

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