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    Hey Kids,
    I'm looking for some advice on phones like the Moto X (or similar) phones with Touchless Control (or similar) features. My uncle has virtually no use of his hands (he as a range of motion of about an inch in his left thumb... this is how he steers his wheelchair and use a PC touchpad) and therefore cannot use a traditional phone. He has various voice automation features to make his wheelchair, home environment, and PC very user friendly but cell phones have been out of the question so far. Searches for this type of question often yield results for the vision/hearing impaired and elderly but nothing for the truly physically disabled... aside from very expensive custom solutions. That being said, with the great Cyber Monday savings coming up on the Moto X, we're trying to figure out if this phone (or others) can meet his needs. He'd like to be able to do the basics... send/receive calls/texts/emails, start/stop music, get directions, set reminders, open and close apps... with nothing but his voice. So here are my questions:

    1. Can the activation phrase for voice functions be activated via a Bluetooth headset? I know it works with Bluetooth devices, but it doesn't specifically say it can listen over these devices... he can't press a button on the headset to make it connect so it has to always be listening. This would let the phone be secured in a bag and still be able to be used via voice.

    2. Is there a voice "keyboard" available to be set as the default so he can dictate emails and text messages without having to press an on screen microphone button to activate the feature? I know on my Nexus I can't set the voice input method as the default by un-checking the Google Keyboard. Perhaps we needs a personal assistant app in addition to Touchless Control to accomplish this.

    3. Are there any other apps/accessories that we should consider to make this a truly hands free device. The only touching of this phone would be when an attendant puts it on a charger at night or has to turn it off/on for some reason.

    Any help that can be offered is greatly appreciated. I know this type of device would be for a limited market, but I think all of the necessary features would be software enabled. Thanks!

    Eric D.
    11-28-2013 10:02 PM

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