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    Hoping someone can help..

    I've been fighting to try and understand the ins and outs of my Samsung Cell phone. I bought it for $395 about eight months ago and it's already been sent to Samsung for repair because of phantom unprovoked menu pop ups and for crashing whenever I tried to go into my Settings.

    It came back working alright but about a month ago every time I would swipe the screen to unlock my phone, a message would be blinking on and off and taunting me by inferring that MY VOICE MAIL NEEDED TO BE UPGRADED. I ignored it for a few weeks and then, in an effort to make it stop, I clicked on it. I felt like I had no choice after being bullied and provoked over such a long period of time.

    Here's where I go from a mild mannered everyday guy to the INCREDIBLE EXTREMELY FREAKED OUT AND PISSED OFF HULK.

    As soon as it finished with what I thought was an "UPGRADE", I ended up with these little freaking cartoons floating around at the top of my voice mail page EVERY TIME I GO TO MY VOICE MAIL PAGE NOW.

    There's Promotional Ads and something that says, "PINSIGHT" and then it fades into some game that's called the "CANDY CRUSH SAGA". Then that dissolves into something that says, "YOU HAVE (1) LOADABLE E CARD: $4000" and that's freaking BLiNkiNG on AnD OfF.

    Then I start to feel a sudden aching pain in my face because my teeth are clenched so tightly and the pressure from my closed jaws could have crushed a paper weight. Luckily I snap out of it just in time to discover that I'm about to throw my $395 piece of **** phone into the LA River!!

    I did NOT ask for this. Why should I have to look at this crap on a PHONE that I PAID FOR? My battery charges ALL NIGHT and runs out in 4 freaking hours because this **** that I did not ask for is running on my phone and I don't know how to get rid of it. Nor do I know WHY it's even there in the first place.

    So I really hope someone can tell me pretty soon how I can get rid of this invading, intrusive, bottom feeding, obnoxious pile of unwanted BS before some poor innocent person gets hit by a flying cell phone after I've become so rattled by all this junk that I involuntarily throw mine out the window as I'm driving down the 405 freeway.
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    12-09-2013 10:04 PM
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    It's called spam and it's part of the internet. Might as well rail against that letter informing you that you might just be a winner of $10 million if you just fill out this form and return it.

    There are apps in the Play store that stop some of them, apps that stop those that you see on your web browser and apps that block viruses and other nasties.

    Don't blame it on Samsung, don't blame it on Android, don't even blame it on the internet - the fault, like Soylent Green, is PEOPLE! Want to earn $10,000/week, just (you know the rest). I can remember, long before the Korean war, the magazine ads that promised that you could earn $100/week (almost as much as the President made) by "just stuffing envelopes at home". I'd be willing to bet that there were scams like that in Rome before it became an empire.

    Look for a few ad-blocking apps and - what's that prayer? Give me the patience to accept that which I can not change?
    12-09-2013 10:19 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central, and sorry to hear about this major annoyance. Your best bet right now is to try to locate whatever it was that you were coerced to install, and see if you can uninstall it. Go to Settings/Apps/Downloaded, and look for any app that doesn't look legit, and that you don't remember installing. Then uninstall it. If it wasn't the problem, you can always reinstall it.

    Next install a couple of good security apps. I suggest Lookout Security & Antivirus, and run a full scan. Also install Lookout Ad Network Detector, which can see if your phone has been added to an ad network. If so, it can give you instructions on how to opt out of it.

    The last resort solution would be for you to do a full factory data reset, which will wipe your phone and revert it back to the factory state. You'll lose all of your local data, but assuming you're linked to Google, most of it should be synced with the cloud. You'll also have to reinstall all of your apps, but at least you can do it in a controlled setting.

    Good luck, and put ... the sledgehammer ... down.
    12-09-2013 10:28 PM
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    Thank you for your input Rukbat.

    I would tend to question what you say about not placing any of the responsibility with Samsung however. While your memory may extend farther back in time than mine does I'm not sure anything has changed (or should have changed) in regard to simple logic over the years. If I'm a manufacturer and I make a phone for sale to the public, I believe it's only right and in fact, my duty to do everything I can to protect the buyer from outside influences such as this. Didn’t Macintosh take extensive measures to protect its customers from the bad guys?

    I could see being more flexible in my stance if I was someone who used my phone as a computer and downloaded everything there was out there. Then I would expect problems due to my own reckless activity. But when I purchased my phone, I wanted a PHONE. Not a computer. I vowed to never download anything except what was necessary for the operation of my device to work as a phone and I stuck to that. I did not download anything I was not instructed to download and/or was told (or made to believe in this case) was not imperative to the operation of my phone.

    Thank you for pointing out to me that this is indeed spam or a virus. I really did not know that until you told me this. I know about viruses when it comes to computers. I work with computers every day. But I never expected to go out and purchase a telephone that would be subject to the same types of problems that I've been dealing with on my computers. I want a phone that I can call people with and receive calls and voice mail messages and maybe text messages. I don't want to watch television or movies or take pictures with my phone and I don't want to check my email with my phone. That's what I use my computer, my television and my cameras for.

    I guess you would be right if you told me to lighten up and join the year 2013. But I'll probably still feel the need to go against the grain when it comes to things I feel strongly about or believe in.
    12-10-2013 03:29 AM
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    Thank you B. Diddy. This is very helpful.
    12-10-2013 03:33 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    But I never expected to go out and purchase a telephone that would be subject to the same types of problems that I've been dealing with on my computers. I want a phone that I can call people with and receive calls and voice mail messages and maybe text messages. I don't want to watch television or movies or take pictures with my phone and I don't want to check my email with my phone. That's what I use my computer, my television and my cameras for.
    Nowadays, the reality is that your phone is as powerful as computers from just a few years ago (if not more powerful), and are thus also becoming a major target for malware. The entire world is going mobile, and so it's a rich source of sensitive information. Phone manufacturers and Google can only do so much to try to prevent bad stuff from hitting your phone while also keeping the environment open enough for developers and users alike to have the kind of flexibility that Android is famous for. It's true that malware is less prevalent with iOS, but that's because Apple is so rigid with its control over the system and their Appstore.

    If you really just need a phone for calls and texts, you may want to look into a "dumb" featurephone rather than a smartphone. Otherwise, keep up with the security software suggested above, and you should be ok.
    12-10-2013 03:39 AM
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    I recommend you download an app called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    08-01-2014 05:13 AM
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    Yes I agree. I returned a new Galaxy 6s for the same reasons. Now this morning I turn on the old Galaxy 4s to find out that an automatic update is occuring. No permission asked. The new os has some wonderful surprises! " Android is updating and optimizing app 131of 150 " Just for the record I only have 5, third party apps on my phone, so these are not my downloaded apps. The next message was, Software update complete. Your device has been updated successfully. The second part of this update will be available soon. (I never wanted this one). So I skip on over and open one of my new Google apps, and I have the option to Opt out of internet based ads. "Instruct apps not to use your advertising ID to build profiles or show you interest-based adds. Reset advertising ID. Your advertising id is 01-0a07-xxxxxxxxx. WHAT? So tell me more. Advertising ID. To imporve user control (hahaha) Google Play has introduced the advertising ID for apps ..... You can opt out.... however until all advertising networks transition to using the ad ID you may still receive interest based ads from some networks..... Now I also have on my drive, Security with preset settings.... Allow remote lock and erase, scan device for security threats, improve harmful app detection. Now I can remotely erase, factory reset or lock my device with Android Device Manager. ummm, I'm not even sure where this is or how to find it, but considering I never asked for it or the upgrade and it's already checked on my phone, I'm certain someone does. Ok. so thought I my phone was secure with the older version Galaxy 4s as a bakup phone to my new iPhone. Apparently not, and off to Craigslist it goes. I was an avid Android promoter and user until 2 weeks ago. I used the very first Android phone that was marketed and sold. Google, you might think you can control the world one device at a time, but not in my home and intusion of add based material will never be allowed to impact my day.
    05-28-2015 01:20 PM
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    Senior Ambassador. The issue is not mal-ware here. The new upgrade downloads 150 aps and the new ad advertising id onto the phone. It's true Android can look at the world entirely from a commercial stance, and can chose to look at every customer as a $ sign. However, lets put the blame where it is, acknowledge it. I'm only telling the truth, and the evidence is on the phones and now saved in pictures taken on another of my phones during my unwanted upgrade this morning.
    05-28-2015 01:30 PM
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    That update you got sounds like a preparation update for getting Lollipop from your carrier. My two phones (M8 and Note 3) both received this update and then the Lollipop update afterward. When OTA updates comes through, you can usually delay them, but they only allow it for a little while and then install themselves without "permission." I don't like it, but that's how Google and the carriers have it set up unless you root and make changes to prevent it.

    As for those 150 apps, it's not some secret batch of bloat and spyware. Some is bloat of course, but go into your app manager and you'll see all of those obscure apps. Pretty much every function on the phone is tied to an app of some sorts. They are kind of like drivers on a pc. You have apps that help control the display, apps for built in live wallpapers, volume control, camera, dialer, etc. Even the displaying of your home screen and app drawer is an app, a launcher like the third party launchers you can also install when customizing your layout.

    The reason for the optimization is probably because of a change in some of how Android controls apps. Once the optimization is complete, apps should launch and run quicker. You may also notice slightly longer installation times on new apps too as they are optimized as part of the installation.

    The advertising ID... well you're going to get ads no matter what because of ad supported apps and websites. From my understanding, opting out, as you put it, only opts out of Google using your unique ID to track your usage and apparent interests to give you more relevant ads. For example, I've been researching a lot of RC flying stuff lately and now I get ads for various RC companies. If I opted out, I'd get random and unrelated ads for who knows what. Maybe basket weaving classes for all I know.

    You may not like these changes, but hopefully you at least better understand what they are.
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    05-29-2015 11:33 PM

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