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    Hi all,

    I've been wrestling with getting numerous music players to work as intended with no luck. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4 (ATT 4.3) connecting to a Mazda3 2012.
    I first started out using the Google Play music player and everything worked fine except whenever I connected to the car to play audio, the equalizer would stop working. On the phone it would say it was on, but as soon as the phone connected to the car, the audio would stop reflecting the changes I would make on the equalizer or any preset settings I had selected. Without the equalizer, the music sounds flat and dead, so I switched over to PowerAmp and gave that one a try.

    Well, the equalizer issue was gone, but now whenever I go to skip tracks from the cars steering wheel control panel, the song will skip, but immediately pause. I've tried everything I could, Googled for days to find a fix, and nothing has been able to alleviate this issue of pausing after track skip.

    Fed up with that, I went over to PlayerPro and everything is good now, but the track info that shows up on the dash is always stuck on the first song to play when the phone connects to the car. So if track 1 was the first song that I play when I get in the car then it' stuck on track 1's info displaying even if I switch tracks or even albums.

    That last one is a minor issue, but it's getting very frustrating finding a player that will just WORK with out having all these erroneous issues pop up. I just switched over from using iPhones for 5 years now and love this phone. So much more customization and ability to do what you want with your phone. I wish I would have switched over earlier. This has been the only issue I have so far faced that has really bugged me and cause much heartache. Has anyone had these issues and if so, did you find a solution, or is there another player out there that I am missing that might work with my setup. I've been to numerous Mazda forums, and the developer forums, and alas nothing and no one has had a solution to my problems. I'm hoping I can get some help here. Thanks in advanced for any and all help.

    12-16-2013 11:26 AM

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