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    I've just purchased a used Samsung Galaxy s2 off ebay. One of the first things I did was a factory reset to clear all of the sellers personalised settings etc.

    The phone is in excellent condition and seems to work fine except when I typing a text message letters e and s don't work. Every other letter works fine but e and s just don't work no matter how many times I press them nothing at all happens. I tried clearing the keypad cache but this hasn't worked. Is there a way to resolve this or do I return the phone to the seller for a refund?

    Kind Regards

    12-20-2013 08:57 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Try installing another keyboard from the play store and see if that helps. SwiftKey is a good one and is free for trial. If it still doesn't work then maybe there is an issue with the digitizer not recognizing the input. This would require a replacement digitizer.

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    12-20-2013 09:05 AM
  3. fernendo123's Avatar
    Hi thanks for the advise I'm trying it now. The only way to do it is to save the .apk file on sd card with my old android and move it across I tried to connect to a wireless network and then login to google play on the s2 but at every step I need to type a letter that doesn't work. It's amazing how often e and s are used!
    12-20-2013 09:50 AM

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