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    Hi, I hope someone/people can please help! :-)

    I recently downloaded the Go SMS Pro application as the phone that I use (Samsung Galaxy Note 2 only allows you to send 3 SMS before it converts them to MMS and so I get charge extra money by my mobile network outside of my contract allowance. So I downloaded Go SMS Pro as I had read that is free to send SMS and MMS. Before you download the advert on Playstore for the app also says the SMS and MMS are free to send. I noticed that in the permissions for the app you have to agree to let them have access to your Google Pay Service.

    I initially started to send messages without registering my mobile number and country on Go SMS Pro where it says FREE Message LOG-IN.

    I then messaged Go SMS Pro staff to get clarification as to what I would and would not be charged for as I had assumed that you would only be charged if you registered for their premium services.

    I got a fast response but the staff clearly do not speak English well and I find it difficult to understand some of what is said. Also, when I have emailed and all my queries have not been answered and I've emailed back I've been told something different to what I was told before about certain issues. It also seems that some staff understand less English than others. Some of my questions were not even answered. They respond quickly, but I'm not getting the information that I need. Can anyone help please?

    1) I was told that I would get free SMS if I registerd my mobile number and country. So I did. Will I be charged for any messages that I sent before registering my number and country? If so, will money be taken by Go SMS Pro from my Google pay service account?

    2) I was told that one message is maximum 70 characters. How many characters can toy and in one message (without pictures, videos, a subject, etc) before it is classed as an MMS?

    3) Once you reach the number of characters where a message is classed as an MMS (without pictures, etc) are you charged for it and if so are you charged the cost of an MMS by your mobile network or is the money taken out of your Google Pay Service Account?

    Or is it free as long as I have registered my details with Go SMS Pro and do not add pictures or videos etc?

    4) At first I was told that I could send messages with pictures etc for free if I added the pictures or videos etc by clicking on the + sign and using Go Share feature. Does that mean that when doing the message and then adding pictures or videos I must click on the sign with the Go next to the paper clip.? So, for example, if I wanted to add a picture, I would need to click on the + sign, go to where it says picture under the Go section, where you have the Go sign and the paper clip and if I added the picture that way it would be free to send. Is that correct? Is ťhis the Go Share feature and are messages with videos and pictures etc free to send this way?

    5)When I send messages using Go SMS Pro, the messages still show up in the usual messaging section on my phone. GO SMS Pro staff have told me that my MMS will be deleted after 30 days by Go SMS Pro and to prevent this I must save the MMS. How do I save the MMS, do I just lock the message on my phone?

    6) What exactly is free MMS Pro?
    how do I get access to this free MMS Pro and does this make it free for me to send ALL MMS, or only certain ones, for example, ones without pictures etc?

    7) How do I change my mobile number on there? Do I have to delete the app and download it again and add a different mobile number?

    8) Is it possible to delete yourself off Go SMS Pro or can you only delete the app - and if so, will they still get access to my messages seeing as my mobile number is registered with them?

    9) It is possible to increase the size of the MMS you can send but one minute they tell you, you can send an MMS up to 5MB (or up to 10 MB if I pay for premium services). But when you go into settings to increase the size of the MMS you can send, it is much less than 5MB.

    What is the biggest size of MMS you can send?

    10) If I delete the Go SMS Pro application, will all the copies of the messages I have sent using Go SMS Pro be deleted from my list of messages on my phone? I have not made Go SMS Pro the default method for me to send messages and currently when I send or receive a message they appear in both my phone's normal messaging section and also in the Go SMS Pro application.

    I would really appreciate help with these questions because I have emailed staff three times and I can't understand half of what they are saying because there English is not good and for the same reason, they do not seem to understand half of what I'm talking about. It's getting frustrating now.

    The whole point of downloading the app was to save money because my phone will only send 3 messages at nce before it converts the message to MMS and it's irritating to have to I'm keep sending so many short messages or spend extra money and send longer ones. I don't send picture messages very often.

    I'm worried Go SMS Pro is going to end up costing me more money, not help me save money and is going to end up deleting my messages. And if I delete the app if I can't save money I don't want my mobile number to stay on their system.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!
    12-26-2013 10:54 PM
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    Welcome to the forums. I do not use Go SMS, have you had any luck with you answers?
    12-29-2013 08:42 PM
  3. droi29's Avatar

    Thanks for response. I replied to you in thread about deleting posts on Android Central. :-)
    12-30-2013 09:00 PM

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