1. antivnom's Avatar
    I found one called Oulook calendar Transfer, but my Thinkpad doesn't like it (I'm running 64 bit windows and it apparently isn't compatible with that - the OS says it is invalid anyway...nice of them to warn of that before I bought it).

    Searching the web this seems way more complicated than it should be. With my iPhone I just plugged it in and iTunes just did it. Why isn't it that simple with Android?
    01-03-2014 05:23 PM
  2. Clcto's Avatar
    Because Google is a Linux shop and hires ex-Apple employees (Map Google and Apple headquarters to figure that out). When they created Android they copied Apple. They do a good job. Just not PC like.

    Check out DejaOffice as an Outlook-like platform for Android (and iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone etc). Handles the full calendar, recurring events, exceptions, category colors, tasks, recurring tasks and sync to PC.
    01-04-2014 11:53 AM

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