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    Hi -

    On an ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 running Jelly Bean (not rooted), I want to create a shortcut to Nearby Devices so I can easily toggle on/off my DLNA. It is found in Settings | Connections | Connect and Share.

    Exploring the launcher shortcut options in Apex, Buzz, Nova, TouchWiz home and ssLauncher (my default), I could find no shortcut to Nearby Devices.

    Using ES App Manager set to System Apps, I found Nearby Devices at com.sec.android.pernission.PERSONAL_MEDIA, but the 'Add To Desktop' feature in ES seemingly does nothing with this app.

    I know I could probably use an app like Tasker to do this, but it seems there should be another way.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated - Ken
    01-04-2014 11:00 AM

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