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    Hi, I tried to root my sons S6310N using this link

    When it came to the part at 4.41 to root the phone I didn't have this option.
    I rebooted and the phone went into CWM loop. Everytime I rebooted it went in CWM recovery.
    I have been a bit silly and tried several things to correct what I'd done, without really knowing what I should do.
    I've been reading things for 3 days now and have now got information overload.
    I have deleted cache, wiped data/factory reset and tried to install a new rom from sd card.
    I don't really know what i'm doing after the guide I was following didn't work and I panicked and think I may have ruined the phone.
    I can use adb, device shows up as recovery. But odin wont recognise my device, nor will Kies.
    I really need some help now.
    Many thanks in advance
    01-14-2014 04:03 AM

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