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    I brought a JBL micro bluetooth speaker today and it's pretty good for a small speaker producing 3kw. It has a built in plug so you can plug it into a headphone jack of any device if it hasn't got Bluetooth like an mp3 player and it also has a audio out port so you can plug it into another jbl speak and it would play through that. Although Using a AUX cable I plugged it into my laptops microphone port and enabled the Listen to this device setting and it was playing also through the laptop. For some stupid reason I wondered whether it i'll do the same if I plugged it into my galaxy s4 and obviously did nothing. But now my galaxy S4 thinks there is a headphone plugged in and won't play sound through main internal speakers. Head phones still work though so I can listen through headphones.

    I've tried rebooting, plugging in different headphones include the original samsung ones and the AUX cable. But nothing. I've however found an app not on the app market called audiotoggle.apk. It we routes the sound back to the speakers and has worked fine I can now listen to audio without the headphones. My only problem is though is that now I can't use headphones. It's not a major issue but it's one of those little things that are going to bug me until I get it sorted. I don't really want to factory reset as I'm rooted for one and takes ages to back everything up and reroot etc etc. Just need to figure out if there is a fix. I've also tried cleaning it with a q-tip but no luck.
    01-14-2014 08:04 AM

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