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    So it seems that I along with many others who have the Motorola Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx on Verizon have been receiving our much anticipated 4.4.2 upgrade. As of about and hour ago I ran it on my Droid Maxx which is totally stock and has never been rooted and is pretty much brand new. As I typically do after and upgrade I started playing around with all the new features that came with 4.4.2, one of the being the ability to unlock you phone handsfree by speaking a pin code to it I decided to give it a try. So I hit up my settings and removed my trusty pattern lock, set my self up with a nice eight digit pin (stupid mistake #1), made it complicated as in not 12345678 (stupid mistake #2), didn't write it down (stupid mistake #4) and the proceeded to forget it in the amount of time it took me to lock my screen. Now I was under the understanding that I could bypass the lock screen with my g-mail account password, but I cant seem to find where, and to make matters worse I have failed the pin code 8 out of the allotted 10 times before the phone wipes itself.

    Anyone know if I am missing something, I hardly doubt that Android 4.4.2 lost the ability to use your gmail account as a bypass in this situation did they? I know a lot of times people think that it is due to the phone not actually being signed in, but I have both received application updates from the play store and emails from my gmail account indicating the device is signed in.

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    01-15-2014 06:27 AM
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    Found a resolution to the problem. Signing into the play store on a computer and going to the device manager under settings, a lock command can be sent to the phone including a new password that you enter from the computer. Assuming you have your device connected to your Google account and it is connected to the internet, the device manager will send the command and then tell you if it was successful in changing your password, I may have been a bit impatient but my lock screen didn't seem to change so I restarted and upon boot up the lock screen had changed to the new password I had sent.

    Hope this helps others if they have the same issue.
    01-15-2014 07:41 AM

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