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    Hi, I first want to say I am very thankful that you're reading this.

    My problem is tablet ematic exp8 just suddenly got bricked .
    When I hold power off + volume up or down button, the tablet turns on and doesnt offer me options and only goes to android logo again.

    So I have downloaded ematic exp8 image file and usb drivers from their website. I followed some advice and tried to install those drivers but windows said that current version is up to date.
    I tried to put image files on SD card but it didnt work.
    I tried with LiveSuit but it didnt recognize my tablet.Althought he recognized IMG file.
    I feel like usb driver might be the problem since USB debugging is turned off and in device manager Alcatel Andorid ADB interface is listed as driver.
    If you have any suggestions please say so.
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    01-15-2014 03:06 PM

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