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    So, I have recently moved from iphone to an android phone, a chinese brand called ThL the model being the T100S, a 5'' octacore etc etc... I'm very happy with it except the for this problem with the battery which is draining too fast and the main source of this drain is the cell standby and the phone idle.
    Their values are absurd, I've asked a couple of my friends that had bought the phone same time as me and none of them has this issue, I do have a couple apps installed which they don't, one being the nova launcher and the other the TouchPal X, but in the battery consumption stats none of them show as a threat. I've took some screen shots to see if anyone could help me figure this out. I've also noticed that while playing The Room, my battery temp go from 27 to 35C but I dunno if this is a normal value or not.

    Battery drain issues-screenshot_2014-01-18-22-28-10.jpg
    Battery drain issues-screenshot_2014-01-18-22-27-44.jpg
    Battery drain issues-screenshot_2014-01-18-22-27-50.jpg

    I have 3g, location services, BT and everything I do not need off at all times, only getting wifi on when I need to. Also the screen brightness is very low. What's really strange is that it says that I have 0% time off of time without signal.

    Can someone help me pls?
    01-18-2014 05:45 PM
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    The total percentage of battery used is always going to be 100%. 100% of the battery current being used is being used by something. That's not the percentage of the battery being used - it's how the percentage being used is allocated among the apps using it. Even if almost no current is being drawn, 100% of it is going to be drawn by all the apps that are drawing it.

    The figure you SHOULD we looking at is how much of the battery is being used in how much time.It looks as if you've used 80% in about 12-1/2 hours. That's about 16 hours of use per charge. Considering all the people who are complaining about not being able to get 8 hours per charge, you're doing pretty well.

    If you cut your screen timeout to about 15 seconds, and turn off wifi when you're not using it, you should increase your battery life a bit.

    I'd rather see all that power being taken by Google Services, Android OS and Phone standby, and about 30 hours of battery use between charges, that a few percent of 20 amps being drawn. (And that wasn't my best day.)
    Attached Thumbnails Battery drain issues-2013-11-10-battery.jpg  
    01-18-2014 09:21 PM
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    Well I forgot to do the math for you,

    33% of a total of 80% used battery means a total expenditure of 26.4% total battery used either by cell standby and device idle, which combined is a total of 52.8% meaning if the phone was totally on standby with every service and app turned off except for 2G connection, the battery would only last for 24h. This means a combined of usage per hour of 4.2% of battery while doing absolutly nothing.

    In comparison with your device, the math says 80*0.16=12.8%, 80*0.12=9.6%. Which per hour is a consumption of around of 0.46% for cell standby and 0.34% for device idle. So mine is spending 2.1% per hour in either cell standby and device idle when it should be spending values around your's...

    I'm not saying that I have the worst battery life, but there sure is a problem with device idle and cell standby expecially if compared to "normal" values like yours, and by your PS you are using 4G, which should have a larger battery consumption then the 2G which is what I always use...
    01-19-2014 09:25 AM

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