1. hephaestion's Avatar
    Hi I waas wondering if anyone could help me. I have a g1 with android 1.6 and I have a lot pf problems with ogg files. A lot of my music is in ogg format and the g1 will not add them to the library in its music player. I have tried other 3rd party players and had the same problem.

    The strange thing is, if I find the files using OI file manager I can open them and they will play. Still, although the g1 plays the track it won't say which track it is playing.

    I considered formating the device but that won't change the software or the firmware on the g1, only the apps. I have been looking everywhere and no one else seems to have this problem. It is a very strange problem and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
    12-01-2009 05:38 AM